Wednesday, April 10, 2013


New twist

When detached from the dock, this tablet lets you stay productive and mobile with touch convenience and a light 10.1" design. Need to do some typing? Connect the tablet to the keyboard dock1 and get to it. Then, if you want others to view the display, you can twist it up to 295 degrees.

Always on it

The ICONIA W5 Series is the world's first Intel® CPU-based tablet with Acer Always On technology. Simply press it and it's on and updated, like a smartphone -- with up to 3 weeks of standby power. Acer Instant Connect links to hotspots in 2.5 seconds,3, 4 while AcerCloud lets you easily access files on all your devices.

Lots of life

When docked to the keyboard, the ICONIA W5 Series remains charged for 18 hours at a time. You'll appreciate having the energy to work during extended off-the-grid scenarios like daily commutes, meetings, travel layovers, international flights, coffee breaks, dinners and even on remote vacations.

Touch, type, view

The 10.1" ICONIA W5 Series gives you three ways to work: Go mobile with the tablet itself; sit down to type using the keyboard dock1; or twist the display to share your view with others. This lightweight tablet starts up with one press like a smartphone, while up to 18 hours of battery life2 keeps you at peak productivity.

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